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Real-world GPU applications from @GPUComputing

Two interesting commercial applications leveraging GPUs were announced today on @GPUComputing:

High-speed antivirus scanning from Kaspersky Lab:

... During internal testing, the Tesla S1070 demonstrated a 360-fold increase in the speed of the similarity-defining algorithm when compared to the popular Intel Core 2 Duo central processor running at a clock speed of 2.6 GHz. ...

Adobe® Mercury Playback Engine

... In my first test of Mercury, I dropped several P2 clips on a timeline, made them picture-in-picture and looked to see if there were any dropped frames during playback...nada.  I added more clips, bringing it up to eight or nine on my HP XW9400 with 12 cores of AMD goodness...  Think it's the CPU?  No! It's only being used at about 20-30%.  It's GPU! I keep going and there is no hesitation in Premiere Pro. Okay, lets add some color correction to each one and while we're at it, lets drop in some blurs (that will stop it right?)  Still playin' like buttah! ...

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